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Military Coups and Public Satisfaction

Military coups were a common occurrence all over the world especially in the1930's till 1990's (Ken and David 8). This was the most common form of change in regime. Some of the military coups were successful while others were not. Some were led by the military while others were initiated by civilians. Most of the past military coups were bloody and resulted to loss of lives. Only a limited number of them were bloodless. Today, most military coups are bloodless as they are well executed.
History has it that earlier military coups were as a result of power. Those who led the violent attacks were mainly focused on gaining control and power (authority) of the nation. This is why most of the military coups then were bloody and resulted to lose of life. The focus of the military coups has changed today. Due to human civilization and development, military coups today are mainly driven by the need to improve the livelihood of people. The usurpers do so not for personal gain, but for the benefit of many.
The purpose of this case study is to look at the public opinion after military coups. Public opinion involves the citizens' acceptance or rejection of the new regime. It may also include passive or active participant in the affairs of the new regime.
It should be noted at some point in the lives of citizens of a nation ...
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The way a nation is governed coupled with its objectives goals will, to some extend, determine the likelihood of a military coup occurrence. There are various types of military but the most common ones are veto military coups, guardian military coups and breakthrough military coups…
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