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Jesus and Mohammed

He was born in "Bethlehem" in Palestine (Knight, 2009a). Jesus was the son of "Mary". She gave birth to him without having a sexual relationship with any man ("Jesus and Mohammed", 2006).
Jesus' message was to believe in God and to be peaceful with people. In order to deliver this message, he "preformed miracles which include turning water into wine, walking on water, cursing a fig tree, healing the sick, multiplying a small meal to feed a large crowd, casting demons out of people, and raising the dead back to life". Also, Jesus was teaching people by telling stories (or "parables"). His message puts God's mercy before his punishment. Jesus started to gain followers. The Jews didn't like Jesus for 2 reasons: 1. The parables told by Jesus "condemned the pride and hypocrisy of Jewish leaders". 2. His message became popular because it focused on God's mercy ("Jesus and Mohammed", 2006).
At the "Last Supper", Jesus expected that he will be betrayed and killed. "Judas Iscariot" was one of the people who believed in Jesus' message. He turned against him and cooperated with the Jews. The Jews decided to execute Jesus. They executed him by "crucifixion, which is a slow and painful death by asphyxiation". Jesus was 30 ("Jesus and Mohammed", 2006).
Mohammed was born in 570 in "Mecca" in Arabia (Davidmann, 2003). He was "was born to the Quraish tribe. ...
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This essay will talk about the lives of prophets Jesus and Mohammed. It will talk about the life of Jesus from a Christian perspective, and the life of Mohammed from an Islamic perspective. It will also show the impact of Jesus' death (in Christian beliefs) on Christianity, and the impact of Mohammed's death on Islam…
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