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How does globalization affect women - Essay Example

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While women re obviously diverse group, compred to men they re overwhelmingly disdvntged economiclly. This is shown strkly nd redundntly in U.N. dt. The question here, however, is whether globliztion improves women's sitution or mkes them worse. The nswer, of course, depends on which women we re tlking bout nd wht is being mesured.

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How does globalization affect women

The second prt of this section concludes, ccordingly, with series of brief nrrtives or "snpshots."
"Globliztion" refers to the free flow of cpitl nd the removl of trde brriers between sttes, s well s to the ccompnying culturl trnsformtions nd exchnges. The reltionship between the globliztion of cpitl nd mrkets, on the one hnd, nd the globliztion of culture, on the other, vries depending on the context.) For present purposes, two generliztions usully hold: (1) the former drives the ltter, tht is, the globliztion of mrkets nd cpitl fuels the globliztion of culture including resistnce to this globliztion; nd (2) both forms of globliztion re in constnt flux nd re, therefore, unpredictble.
Globliztion is the "constnt revolutionizing of production" nd the "endless disturbnce of ll socil conditions."(Joffe, 1999) It is "everlsting uncertinty." (Joffe, 1999) Everything "fixed nd frozen" is "swept wy" nd "ll tht is solid melts into ir." (Joffe, 1999) s these quottions from The Communist Mnifesto, written 150 yers go, indicte, globliztion is nothing new. In the 1320s, Englnd, then developing country, defulted on lons to the Itlin city stte of Geno. (Kristof, Wytt, 1999) For most of Western history, cpitl hs flowed freely.
The end of the Cold Wr nd developments in finnce nd technology co ...
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