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In the wake of these corporate failures, basic principles and rules are being reviewed and strengthened in order to reinstall investor confidence. At the heart of these corporate governance reforms is the common interest in the effectiveness of boards of directors. Corporate governance codes, experts and activists have long advocated changes in the board structure. As a result of the successful implementation of corporate practice codes in the private sector corporations, the government has decided to implement the system in public/civil departments and government offices. The public offices are supposed to benefit the people who pay tax to the government on various assets and income earned by them. The government departments should exhibit transparency, and accountability to the various stakeholders including general public. These departments have a key role in a society where people's money is handled by government departments when they left with excess income allowed by tax authority. In this context, the present study s an attempt to examine the impact of corporate government practices implemented by revenue commission in the UK on the customers'/ tax payers' satisfaction.
Corporate governance is a conscious and sustained effort on the part of a corporate entity to strike a judicious balance between its own interest and that of its stakeholders. ...
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The subject of corporate governance has attracted the attention of both academicians and business practitioners since the mid-1980s. Corporations across the world have accepted the procedures of corporate governance framed by authorities in their own countries…
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