Artificial Intelligence

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The term Artificial Intelligence was first coined in 1956 by John McCarthy. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the technology of empowering machines and enhancing them to such a point that they would be able to think, act and respond in similar manner as a human being would.


AI aims to get as close to human functionalities as possible so that machines and robotics are given the ability to perform certain jobs that require specific, detailed instructions and decision making capabilities.
The rationale behind artificial intelligence is that it holds the crucial key to enhancing life in the 21st century and years after that. It is projected that in the not very far future one may be sitting down and enjoying a movie with the robot and actually shedding tears together. It may be unfathomable, yet scientists did not even dare imagine computers understanding the human speech, or actions but today speech aiding programs are widely used, instructions can now be issued to machines verbally and leave them to task. It is not impossibility as the scientists promise us. A lot of research and work has been put in the study of the brain and body functions of the human being so that the same can be replicated into robots and other computer aided devices. However, as we share the optimism held by scientists as regards artificial intelligence, it is not without question, for example How Can Artificial Intelligence Enhance Life In The 21st Century Are There Any Drawbacks If So, What Are They, And How Can They Be Overcome These questions shall form the basis of this paper in a bid to understand artificial intelligence in a deeper way.
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