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Judgement At Nuremberg

In 1948, a series of trials were held in Nuremberg, Germany, by an international tribunal, headed by American legal and military officials, with the intent of bringing to justice those guilty of crimes against humanity. However, by that time most of the major figures of the Nazi regime were either dead or long missing, and in the resulting legal proceedings American judges often found themselves confronting the question of how much responsibility someone held who had "just followed orders." (Judgement At Nuremberg)
The movie revolves around four judges who enact the Nazi Law and inflict a lot of pain on humanity. The director has tried his best to put across the fact that people take law for granted and they can go to any level in order to inflict pain upon the people. There were several scenes that caught the attention and because of the same the movie also got many Academy Awards.
The role of Spencer Tracy was immaculate and Spencer is the lynchpin of the movie, Spencer's conspicuous presence makes the movie a great hit. In addition to this Burt Lancaster also plays a very pivotal role in shaping up the movie, these two characters are arguably the most important characters of the movie. The most appealing aspect about the movie is the theme of the movie which no other director touched upon prior to the launch of this movie and the theme is one of a kind and instantly catches the attention of the audience.
This movie should ...
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Judgement at Nuremberg was realised in the year 1961 and the movie expansively presents the post World War trails held at Nuremberg. This movie was written by Abby Mann and it was directed by Stanley Kramer, it was made by United Artists but its DVD version was made by Metro-Glodwyn-Mayor…
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