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Article example - Marketing to consumers in saudi arabiawhich facets of their multiple identities do they use when

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The long term strive of the marketers aim at understanding the consumption patterns of individuals, allowing them to target their precise segment, based on their understanding of the 'hows' and the 'whats' associated with the consumer spending. Researches that spread over decades of years are evident of the fact that culture plays a vital role in defining consumption patterns of individuals and societies…

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Despite the fact that cross border trade of various entities like people, products, ideas, etc. have resulted in cultures getting mixed up and losing their core identity, yet the foreign element in the home culture has not fully revamped the local culture anywhere in the world; the glimpse of the home culture remains there no matter how much the foreign culture influences it. However, this phenomenon does lead to the outcome that culture is no more a static variable but is dynamic and continues to grow as embedding of culture takes place. This dynamicity and the cross border trade has actually led individuals into behaving differently in a differing set of circumstances or simply put, they tend to portray different culture or cultural identities in different situations. Observations reveal that this is a major issue with immigrants in particular as they face dual challenge; adapt to the local environment and retain their identity. Subsequently, the arising phenomenon leads to the outcome that consumers tend to utilize varying facets as they come across different situations.
The purpose of this research is to analyze and differentiate between situations and circumstances that make consumer use one of the facets and prefer one over the other defining a varying cons ...
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