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Recommendations to some of the pertinent HRM problems

The model was chosen because it covers the SWOT analysis, a focus on the training on teams for fostering a more participatory organizational culture, Training programs for the HR group Promotion & recruitment within the company, Performance related pay (PRP) & Annual bonus which is related to company performance, Individual Development and feedback, and finally Performance Appraisals. These points were the recommendations made to address the HRM problems identified in the case. The recommendation was adapted from the work of existing scholars such as Kotter, and Gilbreath.
The field of human resource (HR) management is one of the many interesting area of research that has witnessed a paradigm shift within the last few decades (Huselid, A. M., 1995Doty &Delery 1996). Within this area of research, an increasing body of literature contains the argument that, high performance work practices, including comprehensive employee's recruitment, selection procedures, incentives compensation and performance management systems, and extensive employee's involvement and training can improve the knowledge, skills and abilities of firms (Huselid, A. M., (1995), Doty &Delery (1996).
Today, with the increasing researchers desires to demonstrate the importance of an effective human resource policy on organisation performance research ha ...
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This report attempt to address evaluates and provides recommendations to some of the pertinent Human Resource Management problems (HRM) identified in case 12 the absentee bus crews. The case is analysed and discussed inline with the work of leading researchers and theories in the area…
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