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Car Port Design Project

Thus the essay could give comprehensive information on the carport planning and design exercise.
Car ports are units designed for the parking the cars to protect it from the environmental influences and dust. The ports need to be very cost effective and at the same time must be able to satisfy the requirement of the customer. Normally, these units are designed using the simple structural components like beam and columns. The roofing materials shall be lightweight and weather resistant. The columns shall be fixed firmly to the ground using suitable foundation units. The roof material is fixed on the purlins, which are connected to the beam. Thus the purlins are thin section beams that must be able to take the roofing component load while beams carry the weight of both purlins and roof cover. The columns are designed to carry the load transferred by the beams. The challenge in the design process is to select the most economical cross section that had least weight with maximum strength.
Besides being very safe for the people and securing the vehicles, it must also be aesthetically very appealing and capable of creating very good visual impact. The most important parameters to be considered for the design of car ports are easy access, personal safety, vehicular safety and selection of materials and landscaping and aminity of adjacent area (SPG Note 16. The importance of first three parameters are self-explanatory. ...
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The car ports though simple in structural context involves intricate decision making its planning and material selection exercise. The process involved in the planning and material selection is explained here with the advantages a carport would have in selecting any specific approaches…
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