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Personal Statement example - Reflective Diary on "Health-Issues"

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Personal Statement
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There are many health issues that affect us today. The main concern for me is the aging population and the many healthcare needs of this group of the population. With so many elderly people in the world the need for their care is always escalating. When we think of new ways of helping them, there remains one fact: You can't stop aging and they will need care always…

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Hopefully they can care for themselves until they are much older, but there needs to be places for them to go when they do need care. Having more and more elderly care facilities built would alleviate some of the problem for the society.
America's aging population. The "baby-boom" generation is entering its peak health-care-using period. In fact, over eighty million Americans will turn 50 in the next 10 years. The cost of providing health care to them will be staggering. (Lowery and Heuer) Many elderly people fall ill and are being taken care of by family until the resources are drained. What if they do not have family and they are not found in time, it just is upsetting that there are not more places to house them.
Personally, we all have known an elderly person or someone who comes down with an illness. We are all affected by health issues. It was sad to have my grandmother have to go in a home because she couldn't walk. The reason it was so sad was that she wanted to stay in her home and live there until she died, but she couldn't. She had to be in a home. It took long, hard work to find a home where my grandmother could stay, but I am grateful that they had room. Lots of other homes were filled. ...
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