three challenges you face while completing graduate study and three strategies you use to address the challenges

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Most people will never attend graduate school. It is difficult to express the challenges faced partially because those who understand by personal experience are too busy to listen. The challenges I face while completing my graduate study are manifold. As such, I have developed certain strategies to address these challenges.


The reasons personal motivation has become such a challenge are clear. I have been going to school for so long, I am simply getting tired of it. I have delayed personal satisfaction for so long to pursue my education that I feel I am facing the limits of my endurance. In short, I have been investing too much for too long without any significant return.
The effects of this personal motivational challenge are depressing. It takes extra effort to get going toward daily tasks such as attending class or completing homework or studying for tests. What happens is that the quality of my work suffers, and in the end, I do not feel like I have satisfactorily internalized the material to be mastered. It sort of makes the entire process of advanced study self-defeating.
As debilitating as this personal motivational challenge is, my method of address must be just as crucial. I draw upon my experience as a psychology researcher to address this problem. What seems to be happening is that I am getting burned out because I am not enjoying my own life enough. To address this imbalance, I should be more deliberate about how I enjoy my leisure and recreation time. I should set aside certain times of certain days just for specific leisure time and recreational activities. ...
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