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Kinds of Intelligence

In these cases, determining the kind of instruments and the recommendations it provides is the main factor why this kind of instruments, though similar in nature differs with their uses and the procedures. On the second thought, one might ask, why there are varieties of tests where in fact, the main goal of these tests boils down to one thing- to determine the intelligence of a certain individual. However, as the famous saying goes that everything has its purpose, these kinds of tests perform specific functions based on the intended output why such tests are conceived and being used. Taking a closer look into these kinds of instruments will also help us analyze on how these instruments work.
During the past few years in dealing with intelligence test, I.Q. test perhaps is the most sought upon test that is being consulted nowadays. The word I.Q. stands for Intelligence Quotient. The website (2007) on the other hand defined I.Q. tests as "Supposedly, it is a score that tells one how "bright" a person is compared to other people. And - also supposedly - the score is an indication of the person's potential. ...
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There are a lot of measurements to determine the intelligence of a certain individual. In doing such, it is vital to test and to have a qualitative and quantitative description of the person's intelligence. Primarily, these kinds of instruments are needed to know the mental capability of a certain person to perform different tasks with regards to the requirements to fulfill those things.
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