An analysis of Alfred Hitchcock's Pyscho and its contribution to the American horror film

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In 1960, as Marion Crane, untied her bath wear and stepped into the shower, viewers were yet to realize that they were in for a never before experienced roller coaster ride. When an image in 'dark shadow' appears behind her, a sense of thrill runs through the spine of the viewers.


The following paragraphs try to analyze the reasons behind the movie "Psycho" turning out to be a benchmark film, not only for its introduction of new genre, but for the presentation of art in such a unique and unconventional manner. (Schaffer 2000)
The man behind the movie is the person to be 'blamed' responsible for the introduction of this genre. Alfred Hitchcock, one of the greatest directors of all time is claimed to be one of the very few who could understand the pulse of the audience and play with that. His principle technique in presenting such kinds of Slashers films, especially Psycho was that he always scripts the movie with the audience in mind and how do they respond for each scene. His theory behind people coming to movie halls to watch it in dark is to enjoy their fear without having to worry about any danger. Falling from cliffs, fighting a tiger etc., all are things highly improbable in reality. (Bays 2004) But, people like to realize them and when such events are shown in film medium, they enjoy the fun and they become eager for more. Such is the power of cinema and none other than Hitchcock could have exploited it like the way he did. (Schaffer 2000)
Secondly, Hitchcock captured the emotion of the audience in each and every scene. ...
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