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Book Assignment Part 3

While not so different from traditional villages in its desire to engage in a free exchange of ideas, the global village is one that thrives on the communication and transportation infrastructure that seems to be binding the world into one 'large, happy family'. The basic metal and cultural setup of a country is formed by it inhabitants and the people who come forth to call it home. Throughout history, there have been numerous examples of how immigrants have been an important part of the people as a whole when it comes to contribution to the cultural and basic climate of a country. (Massey et al, 2001)
The case for this paper is that of America. As a country, America has been blessed with the great 'salad bowl' syndrome, wherein it enjoys a plethora of people who have come to the shores of this great country in search of opportunity. The basic reason for people migrating to a certain part of the world is the lure of opportunity as opposed to whatever threat might have met them in their home land. In this regard, the paper will discuss the book Beyond Smoke and Mirrors: US Immigration Policy in the Age of Globalization, as the authors set about describing the mindset of the immigrants as well as the hosts who came to set up homes in America.
According to the authors, immigration policies and principles have been one ...
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With an increase in the phenomenon known as globalization and the wide use of technology as a complementary feature, human society has changed and the needs have increased manifold. Changes in the political, economical and cultural arena have challenged and effected alterations within various professions…
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