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The Phenomenon of Georgia OKeeffe

With the combination of thin paint and her natural ideas put O'Keeffe years ahead of her time. O'Keeffe ancestors were of Irish and Hungarian origin. She grew as a thoughtful child who did things in a manner that was her own way. She decided to become a painter at a very early age and she said "That was the thing I can do the best because that was nobody else's business."
Georgia O'Keeffe was a teenager when she moved to Williamsburg with her parents. At Williamsburg she attended the CPEI "Chatham Protestant Episcopal Institute" from where she graduated in the year 1905. In 1907 she joined Art Institute at Chicago and in the same year she also joined the Art Students League at New York. Her artistic ability developed when she started to draw the paintings using oil paint on the piece of canvas. She made a famous oil painting of "Dead Rabbit with Copper Pot." As a result scholarship was awarded to her and it was an early indication of O'Keeffe being a genius. (Weingarten, & Higgerson, 2001) This gave Georgia a sense of achievement as she felt her work very different from the other still painters of her time and the ones before her. For a very brief period she worked as a freelance commercial artist in the city of Chicago. Later she became an arts teacher at Chicago and considered this work to be more pliable. ...
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Georgia O'Keeffe was one of the most famous artists of United States of America. She was born on 15 November, 1987. Twentieth century was the period of creative revolution and in this period O'Keeffe was the major figure. Her technical contributions received a widespread recognition all over the country…
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