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Essay example - Social Work Bachelor

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Child welfare has existed in America since the 1800's when eight institutions existed to help abused and neglected children. (Burns, 1977). Children were denied their rights and forced to work in mills and industries without any ages since the age of ten. However, in the 1980's the United States was amongst the leading nations that helped shape the Convention of rights on the child…

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So far, there is no move made by America to accept this accord (Yurchyck, 2008).
But this doesn't stop America from recognizing and appreciating the rights of children. A number of organizations have run to protect the innocent youth from a variety of crimes that can be committed against them.
A lot of welfare organizations feel that poverty is one of the main causes of poor child care. One of five American children have been said to live in poverty in 2000 (Children's Defense Fund). This was despite the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 which gave subsidies to poor families with children. Many child advocates feel that this should include food stamps, Medicare, housing, transportation and childcare at a federal and state level. Some have the hope that there might be long-term effects of this plan.
Often welfare organizations encourage home visitor programs, parenting programs, community counseling and social services, and other forms of family support to help prevent child abuse and neglect (Encyclopedia of Public Health).
Child welfare is a long and tasking job. Because of the variety of crimes that can be committed against minor it is but necessary to dissect the welfare work into different factions. ...
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