Analysis of the psychological contract between employers and employees

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Current study exmines the sttus of psychologicl contrct in tourism nd hospitlity industry. Employees identified the importnce they expressed in relation to different spects of the psychologicl contrct nd the degree to which their orgniztion hd fulfilled these obligtions.


These discrepncies lso ffected employee performnce, lthough to lesser extent. Orgniztionl implictions nd suggestions for improving psychologicl contrct fulfillment re discussed.
dditionlly this study exmines the types of inducements businesses currently offer to their employees in n ttempt to ttrct nd retin their skills nd expertise. The purpose of this study is threefold. First, we exmine which employer inducements (psychologicl contrct obligtions) re identified s more importnt by employees. Second, fter identifying these "importnt" psychologicl contrct obligtions, I nlyze employee perceptions of how well their compnies re fulfilling these obligtions. Third, I exmine how perceived discrepncies between the importnce of nd fulfillment of specific psychologicl contrct obligtions ffect employee rections t work. These promises nd obligtions, depending on employees' perceptions of fulfillment, cn ct s motivtors or brriers to desirble work ttitudes nd behviors.
This reserch strives to ssist businesses by providing informtion bout wht employees vlue most nd how they respond when these needs re not fulfilled. This informtion should ssist compnies in their efforts to offer psychologicl contrcts tht re more in line with the exchnge reltionships tht employees re seeking to crete. ...
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