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Science Fiction Master

Thesis Technology, special effects, action, bugs and aliens, create a core of modern science fiction films and shade other aspects of these films.
In modern science fiction films, man's power to control his environment has increased, especially through the applications of science, fiction moves from the heroic dimension to concern itself with the relationship between man and the power that is man's most important creation. Science fiction is the literature that takes technology seriously. It must deal with the relationship of man to his creation and with the combined power and responsibility that ensues. In Fritz Lang (1927) Metropolis, Joh Fredersen serves as an instructive paradigm: Joh Fredersen not only arrogates to himself the role of creator, but also botches his responsibility towards his creation, paying an enormous personal price for his hubris. From its generic inception, sf has been a literature questioning man's ability to use effectively the power he is so capable of creating (Gibson 1986). Very often this power is symbolized by some terrible weapon of destruction. ...
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Science fiction films form a particularly useful body of film industry through which to examine the socio-cultural matrix dealing with super-weapons for three reasons. Science fiction films are consciously didactic. Each of its most prolific early practitioners used fiction to educate his audience; cinematographers are most interested in predicting possible uses for existing technology, while others frequently extrapolate technological or social possibilities…
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