Marine Electric Energy Sources

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In this paper we analyse the various marine electric energy sources, the greatest percentage of energy in the world is produced using fossil fuels, wind farms, geothermal power and hydroelectric energy. Renewable energy sources that can be harnessed off shore include offshore wind farms, tidal barrages, and wave energy and ocean thermal energy conversions.


Tides are formed as a result of gravitation force from the sun and the moon, Tidal barrage are dams constructed across an estuary to hold water during high tides and then utilise the potential energy from the high water levels during low tide to generate electricity using turbines, the largest tidal barrage is the Rance tidal plant in France that produces 240 mega watts.
Wave are formed when a strong wind passes over sea water, when wave energy is captured it is used to generate electricity, the height of waves depend on the speed of wind, depth of water and duration of wind. According to Jason Margolis(2007) the Pelamis system is on of the widely used method to produce electricity, the Pelamis is a large snake like device that floats and is anchored to the seabed, the device has three power generating sections and waves enable the device to make snake like movements that push hydraulic fluids used in generating electricity,
Jason Margolis (2007) states that the system is expensive compared to other sources of energy and at the same time relatively inefficient, these devices are placed parallel to each other forming a wave farm, one of the operational Pelamis system was installed in Portugal i ...
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