The Transitions of Chinese Higher Education from 1949 to the Present

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China has assumed centre stage in the global polity and economics. For number of years the global community was preoccupied with the Chinese model of the communist economy comprised of the communist regime and collective socialism. Now it is in the world view ever since it began dismantling its communist ideology and rode the wave of globalization and entered social, economic and political transitions.


This system plays an important role in supporting the economy by providing trained manpower which helps economic reconstruction and growth, and supports the grafting and development of superior foreign technology and knowledge for socio-economic and intellectual growth.
Given the negative world view of China's higher education system, this research chose to examine the transitions of higher education policy making right from the year of accession of the communist regime viz.1949 through to the present date. A time slice or epochal analysis of the period from 1949 to the present date was conducted of the emerging shape of the higher education in China towards this end in terms of political, social and economic factors. The time slices examined essentially began from the year 1949 and peaked during the Cultural Revolution and ended in the present year. The research delineates that till the cessation of the Cultural Revolution, the State played a decisive role in the higher education policy, shaping the status of higher education of the day. All major parameter defining higher education status i.e. ...
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