International Outsourcing of Clothing Industry

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The dissertation explores different aspects of international outsourcing of clothing industry while keeping the main emphasis on the clothing industry of USA. In this regard the dissertation presents an overview of the international clothing industry along with the description about the advantages of international outsourcing and its potential effects on the industries in general.


Based on a qualitative study the paper presents the secondary analysis of data and mainly emphasizes on tracing the beginning of outsourcing of the clothing industry from US to other country and on studying the effects of this outsourcing on the workforce of America.
Clothing industry is combination of wide range of skills and industry sectors. From fashion designers and manufacturers to distributors, retail chains and customers it comprises of variety of skilled people and involves different industrial sectors. The clothing industry all around the world has gone through major changes due to technological advancements and their impacts of the trade patterns. At international level several attempts have been made by the international trading bodies like WTO to liberalize the trade system and as a result there is increase in the outsourcing of different industries.
Globalization has drawn lasting effects on the clothing industry as well and global outsourcing is occurring in the industry at increasing rates. Outsourcing of different industries draws significant impacts of the performance of that industry as well as on the entire economy. ...
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