Dissertation A study to show parents attitudes towards their childrens eating habits, a comparison between an affluent and poor area

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The aim of the work is to discover whether social and economic status of the family influences these attitudes towards eating and sports, and how the theory of planned behavior can be used in order to change the wrong eating habits of children. It is also necessary to discover in what way parents influence their children's eating habits.


It is necessary to point out the main topics discussed in the literature I have used in this work. No one doubts that the problem of nutrition, especially among children, is very urgent today. But there are not many literary sources which deeply research this subject.
The problem of nutrition of children started to become urgent several years ago with the increase of obesity among them. Now doctors are concerned about children's diet all over the world, though many parents still allow their children to eat whatever they want without taking care for their eating habits.
Fewer than 15 percent of the two million elementary school-age children eat the recommended five or more daily servings of fruits and vegetables. The dismal discovery from a new analysis data means that the vast majority of children are at increased risk for obesity and numerous chronic diseases unless they learn to make more healthful choices for their meals and snacks. (McVey, 2001)
The TV set may also be linked to obesity. A study indicated that a child who watches four or more hours of television a day has twice the risk of being obese as a child who watches less. ...
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