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Leadership is a quality of character essential to providing guidance, support and evaluation of an organization, its employees and the procedures and processes that enable all to function effectively. This paper will present several definitions of leadership, as defined by me, five of my friends, and across a selection of peer-reviewed articles from my class reading list…


Overall, this review highlights the importance for a leader to be flexible to the situation and context in which they find themselves making decisions and taking action. It appears that there is no one set formula to be an effective leader, instead professional and personal development must be made lifelong learning goals. Professional development may take the form of training courses, or getting back to the 'ground floor' of the organization. Personal development for the leader requires critical reflection on one's outcomes, to bring awareness of one's strengths and weaknesses, as well as what makes one unique.
It is anticipated that this paper will provide a concise collection of leadership definitions that can contribute to student learning of leadership, and the qualities that are necessary to motivate others to be led by them.
Leadership is a role that requires valuable skills as well as a reliance on innate personal characteristics. Effective leadership is highly demanded in the product and service industries. ...
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