Back Pain Disability Treatment

Research Proposal
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The title of this research in this application is "Patient preference and clinical outcomes in patients receiving physiotherapy for back pain: a randomised controlled trial." This study is a proposal for application of a research grant, and therefore, there is need for critical evaluation of this proposal to examine whether really this study will be feasible.


The title is concise in that it provides information in brief. From the title, there can be idea of the objective, but no idea about the content is available. However, the proposer clearly indicates the research approach used, which is randomised controlled trial.
All studies can be categorized as experimental, quasi-experimental/pre-experimental, or non-experimental in design. From the title it appears that the researcher wants to design an experimental study with the purpose of determining the clinical outcomes of physiotherapy and related patient preferences for treatment of back pain. This is a clinical trial, and these studies are designed to determine whether the hypothesised clinical intervention will be effective. In this case, the trial was conceived since in mechanical back pain, surgery is never offered as an option of treatment. This trial was proposed with the purpose of comparing two treatment strategies, namely, physiotherapy for back pain chosen by patients and physiotherapy for back pain offered by the physiotherapist in alleviating back pain of the patients. ...
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