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Essay example - HRM Overview

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Hyper-competition is the trend in organizations today and to face it organizations need to have an outstanding Human Resource Management. It is beyond any doubt that human factor, if managed efficiently, is perhaps the most beneficial input for the success on an organization…

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The organizational function that deals with the people ..." (Heathfield, 2007).
The purpose of this paper is to describe the extent to which HR practices can effectively modify organisational culture and thereby increase the commitment of employees, and also give an account on various aspects of HR management. HR applies to the workforce managed by any employer. An organisation or a business needs employees. In other words, without employees it becomes highly difficult for an organisation to run. It is also equally important to properly manage these employees in order to achieve optimal efficiency.
There are several research conducted over the years of how to manage the workforce properly. If fact it has been proven to be much more difficult the workforce than maintaining the complicated computer systems or many other machines. It has also been proven beyond doubt that a mechanical approach towards workforce has often failed. This is the reason why the application of human resources management focuses mainly on the most sensitive issue of human analysis to find out what really works with employees. One of the major aspects of HR maintenance involves employee recruitment, training and development as a function of human capital management.
Human Resource Management has an important role in making sure that employees' abilities are precisely and fav ...
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