The role of the building surveyor in the planning system today.

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Surveying has always been an essential element and requirement in the planning, execution and completion of nearly every form of development and construction of the human environment since the beginning of recorded history. …


A building surveyor plays a critical role in formulation of such documentation by providing the basis for all further planning. Either an existing or a context, if a reliable documentation is not available, and then a building surveyor presents a real alternative by providing accurate plan information, by using the available tools and techniques. He collects data about the existing physical features of project site and its feasibility. Planning-relevant building surveying includes not only the measuring of the building’s geometry, but also any further information relevant for planning such as qualitative information, multimedia information and structural interconnections On the basis of all information, different constraints and risk factors are determined and analyzed. The planning has been done either to eliminate or to marginalize them. Hence the project cost, its execution, monitoring and evaluation strategies have been devised and decided. ...
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