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Please do good. Thanks see directions. please include all. - Essay Example

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Society together with the students are continuously changing, as a result there are frequently fresh things to discover as a prepared master nurse; there are also several programs as well as organizations which can be connected with the aim of maintaining my expertise and become a advantageous master nurse…

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Please do good. Thanks see directions. please include all.

I understand that this will be a very challenging task, but it is totally meaningful in my pursuit of education.
I would like to fulfill my dream of becoming a well prepared master nurse by gaining more knowledge of the art and science of nursing. I am also very willing to teach the younger nursing students to learn to love the nursing career and to continuously give them knowledge that I have attained through my years in nursing. I also aim to help with the nursing deficiency due to the lack of master prepared nurses to educate nursing students. I believe that time management is one of the essentials in being a nursing student, due to time management difficulties; several students cannot manage with the time pressure with regards to their studies. And this results to shift towards other courses which come up to nursing shortage in the country.
It is my ever passion to extend my knowledge of expertise to others who are willing to learn. I know that by acquiring a Master of Science in Nursing from Excelsior College would help me be capable to educate the new generations of nurses. This would help me very much in performing my part in sopping the nursing shortage since only by achieving this degree would I be capable to teach nurses for them to be well prepared to enter the field of nursing well equipped with all the knowledge I could share to them.
I believe that as a mentor I would be profi ...
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