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Muslim Australians in Islamic Banking - Research Paper Example

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Research Paper
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This paper examines the awareness of Muslim Australians of Islamic banking. The research is well documented through out the literature and is divided into sections making it simpler and easily understandable by the reader.
The paper starts off by giving a summary, under the Abstract heading, of what is contained in the paper…

Extract of sample
Muslim Australians in Islamic Banking

In the next section, the author describes his survey. He explains the procedure he undertook that started from the selection of 300 Muslim Australians that included only those who (a) came from a Muslim background, and were practicing Muslims, (b) currently owned a bank account in Australia, (c) were interested in Islamic banking products, and (d) gainfully employed. He then distributed to them a questionnaire consisting of yes and no questions. Based on the answers, he modeled the probability of observing a 1 i.e. a 'yes' answer, as a function of F.
In the subsequent sections, following regression analysis on the data, he tabulated the results obtained into different formations making it very easily interpretable by anybody reading the paper. To further clarify the tabulated data, he extensively analyses the results pointing out important findings from the research and drawing conclusions from it. The last two sections of the research namely, Implications and Conclusions respectively, summarize the results of the paper and include the different view points and misunderstandings of the Muslim Australians with regards to the concept of profit-and-loss sharing Islamic banking products.
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