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Diversion Program

Diversion program in the criminal justice system is a program run by a police department, court, a district attorney's office, or outside agency designed to enable offenders of criminal law to avoid criminal charges and a criminal record. In October 2007, World Sport Chicago with the cooperation of USA Boxing, Chicago Park District and Police Athlete league of Illinois, launched a program "Gloves not Guns" to encourage school children to pick up boxing gloves and not guns to deal with aggression.
The purpose of the "gloves not guns" program is to save youth from offenses and street crimes. So they chose boxing as a tool by which students can take out all their anger and aggression in the ring. They can put off their stress in a legal way rather than indulging themselves in any unwanted acts.
"Most importantly, this program will provide our kids with positive alternatives and keep them off the streets and away from the dangers of gangs, guns and drugs. By motivating young people to spend their spare time in the gym, rather than on the streets, we'll be using sports to change people's lives for the better."
If we look at this program from the perspective of social process theories, we observe that all the factors of social learning theory, social control theory and social reaction theory are associat ...
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Every one of us must have heard that human being is a social animal. So it's quite obvious that human behaves in certain ways which might cause harms to others; the way we see in animals that stronger dominates the weak one. Now these characteristics such as aggression, anger etc cannot be fully eliminated…
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