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for Applying Leadership Award

To elucidate in greater detail, since 2006 I have been a designated outreach executive for Cuts For Cancer, an annual event in which students are given the unique opportunity to help ease the suffering of children and cancer sufferers. In this capacity I have spearheaded numerous fundraising initiatives for those suffering from long-term hair loss stemming from the effects of cancer treatment. Locks of hair are sent to a company which turn them into wigs, and this in combination with cash donations result in synergistic benefits for our recipients. Last year alone we successfully raised $15,000 , including an encouraging total of 196 hair donations. As an outreach executive my responsibilities included the promotion of our organization, utilizing local media channels including major broadsheets, television, and radio stations.
I also have a marked interest in health-care related issues, volunteering at the emergency waiting area of St. Paul's Hospital during the summer of last year. During my short tenure I tended to the immediate needs of the patients, doing my best to lift their spirits and boost their morale.
In addition, I am also currently a group leader for the In-Sight mentoring program, helping freshmen do well academically as well as making sure that they are engaged in well-meaning, worthwhile activities. ...
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Recognizing that the University encourages students who use their talents and creative energies in making voluntary contributions to the world, I put forth my application for this year's Innis College Leadership Awards.
My name is Shou Li, and I am currently on my second year at the Faculty of Arts of Science…
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