developping and managing sales for "Google"

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powered by the most advanced technology available on planet earth, that has revolutionized access to information about everything for everybody everywhere, in a matter of a few short years. "In 1998, Sergey Brin and Midwest-born Larry Page
The Google search engine is the most popular search engine on the worldwide web.


It is indeed one of the things that happened to the Internet and the information technology world in general. Also, Google has been expanding in business, as word of mouth has played a huge role in its success and the advertising. This goes to show the affection and praise that the people, no matter their age or where they come from, have for the Google Company. Google has its headquarters in Mountain View, California, United States, and the company's Chief Executive Officer is Dr. Eric Schmidt, who is also the Chairman of the Board.
Google has devised different platforms, so as to be constantly in touch with its investors, has an 'Investor relations' program that is constantly encouraging investors to invest in the various realms of Google's business and growth. Google builds on its market share and strives to grow in an exponential manner by focusing more than anything else on a 'Build' strategy. It is perceivable that this particular strategy is serving the cause well for Google than a Hold, Divest or Harvest strategy would.
The business strategy that is adopted by Google is of a niche nature, since it targets different audiences differently. The company blends its logo and themes according to the situation and people residing within a particular reachout region. ...
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