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Essay example - Lifelong Learning College

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Introduction: For someone who knows how normal development occurs, it is not inconceivable that development may become derailed and may lead to pathological conditions. Many examples may be cited for developmental anomalies, but autism and similar developmental disorders may serve as good examples of experiments of nature…

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As serious, lifelong conditions, these disorders have generated important challenges to the systems that relate to the individuals with disabilities including educational, vocational, medical, and psychiatric systems.
Diagnosis: The paired processes of diagnosis and classification of these developmental disorders characterized by disability in many spheres of function are fundamental to intervention. The diagnostic process includes all of the activities in which a clinician engages in trying to understand the nature of an individual's difficulty. The result of this process is often a narrative account, a portrait of the individual's past, the current problems, and the ways in which these problems can be related to each other and to possible underlying causes. In the course of diagnostic process, the clinician will learn about the patient's history, observe the patient, engage in specialized investigations, and use laboratory and other methods for helping define the patient's problems and their causes. The clinician will integrate the findings from these activities based on specialized scientific knowledge. Often more than one clinician may be involved in the diagnostic process; then, the final clinical diagnostic formulation will integrate the pooled information into a coherent and consensual narrative that reflects the varied information. ...
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