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Report on CEDPA Training

She made us aware of our differences and in doing so helped us develop a greater appreciation for one another. By understanding our cultural diversities, we found that as female leaders we had many common bonds. Xiaoping was able to direct us into our personal learning style and demonstrated how our style could be flexible enough to work across culture lines and develop a team concept. We were challenged to see ourselves as women and understand our gender role. By understanding our selves as a unified team we could begin to mainstream our philosophies.
At the heart of GWM's agenda is leadership. GWM stresses that leadership is not supervision and it is not management. The purpose of leadership is to establish a direction and create a vision that can be shared by others. By executing a visionary agenda, the leader inspires and motivates others into action. Instructor Sheila Ramsey instilled in us the idea that only a leader can effect change. In the changing face of the role of women, leadership is our most important quality whether it's in government, business, or the family. We were challenged to create a vision and an environment for that vision to take hold.
The new directions envisioned by leadership cost money to adequately pursue. ...
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The Global Women in Management (GWM) course that was presented by the Centre for Development and Population Activities (CEDPA) in the summer of 2006 was as inspirational as it was instructive. Attended by about two dozen women from around the globe, we learned first hand by common experience and through the professional instruction of the staff of CEDPA…
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