Cardiovascular System

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Demonstrate the adaptability of the cardiovascular system to autoregulate to two different, stressful conditions (1. Max test 2. Steady state exercise at 65% maximum oxygen level)…


Demonstrate the adaptability of the cardiovascular system to autoregulate to
two different, stressful conditions (1. Max test 2. Steady state exercise at 65%
maximum oxygen level). Explain in detail how the different cardiovascular
components such as heart rate, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure,
total pulmonary resistance, stroke volume and blood flow, respond to these
stressful conditions. Explain in detail the physiological mechanisms responsible
for the changes observed.
The cardiovascular system has the capabilities to adapt to a number of
external factors. An example of the cardiovascular system’s ability to adapt is
seen in response to a max test. This test measures the volume of oxygen in
the blood that the body uses in one minute of maximal exercise. A stationary
exercise machine is used when administering the test. The first minute interval is
done at a very easy level. As each minute passes the levels become increasingly
more difficult until you reach a levels when you can no longer continue. ...
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