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Microsoft: Employee relations

The company also has an executive team that makes sure that the employees understand the business culture of the company; the corporate staff council is responsible for maintaining and improving corporate policies within the company.
The Microsoft Company maintains employee relations through its properly set organisation structure and also through its policies, in the year 2005 it was rated as the leading organisation in human rights campaign; it also participated in the antidiscrimination policy of the year 2005.
The existence of the compensation committee in the organisation shows that the company does awards its employees, awards are used by a company to motivate workers to promote effectiveness and innovation, compensation also promotes competition in an organisation where employees who have done their duties well are awarded.
The company also promotes employee relations whereby it provides an opportunity for employee growth; most employees want to meet the expectations of a job and further want to meet new challenges, develop new skills and also to grow professionally. Therefore the company offers courses to its employees and also offer financial support to employees who seek to gain skills from other institutions.
The Microsoft Company also recognise ...
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Organisations that are interested in growth and profits must establish employee relationships, the building of this relationships have various advantages, they include, employees productivity increases as employers treat their employees fairly and properly1, increased ethical behaviour help employees realise higher compensations and finally ethically appropriate behaviour provide an intrinsic sense of self satisfaction.2
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