Mobile Commerce Market in Hong Kong

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The main aim of this paper is to provide an 'Analysis of Mobile Commerce Market in Hong Kong'. The title of the article, as stated above, is clear enough to provide a hint to readers about the environment and setting in which the research was to be carried out.


However, one feels that every analysis should be complemented with a set of strategic recommendations for the findings/ weaknesses identified during the analysis. As per the specified objectives of this report, the reader does not get any hint on how the situation can be improved; how can Hong Kong market exploit the benefits out of this m-commerce technology; and what could be the strategic road map for such changes. The scope of this report is limited to presenting the as-is situational analysis of the state of affairs in Hong Kong markets for mobile commerce.
It seems that the research problem is to study the existing mobile commerce market in Hong Kong without in-depth analysis of the factors that can be tuned to enhance mobile commerce productivity, increase usage by customers, and adds to the popularity of this relatively new technology. The scope of the paper has been loosely defined.
The research has been carried out for the Hong Kong's mobile commerce market. However, the report does not seem to refer to any previous work or literature in this area. There is not a single source in references list that points to an earlier study conducted for Hong Kong mobile commerce market. It is hard to believe that this is the first piece of literature in this area. ...
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