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Class Research methods

Bullying in early life is often the beginning of bullying in the future adult social life, and once it begins, the bully and victim, both are never the same. Bullying is a problem in our schools and hence in the society. Despite extensive research, no acceptable solution to the problem of bullying is not yet available. The consequences of bullying have been well documented in the research, and these findings suggest that bullying as an event has concrete psychosocial parameters. Therefore, intervention can be designed guided by these evidences to change this practice of bullying in schools from a social intervention strategy. Greif, Furlong, and Morrison (2003) define bullying as the systematic abuse of power. Greif and coworkers deals with the topic by operationally defining bullying, and according to them, there will always be power relationships in social groups, by virtue of strength or size or ability, force of personality, and/or by sheer numbers or recognised hierarchy (Greif, Furlong, and Morrison, 2003). Bullying is a psychosocial phenomenon in the sense that it has both psychological and social reasons and psychological and social impacts. Despite different intervention measures, still bullying in early life is prevalent which can be the starting points of future bullying in the society. ...
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Selecting a topic is more difficult than it at first seems. There would always be a temptation to select a topic without adequate groundwork. Therefore, it becomes important to discuss and enquire about a topic. It is important to select a topic which might have practical application later on…
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