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History of Slavery in the United States

The Three-Fifth compromise between the northern and southern division was reached in 1787, during United States Constitutional Convention. According to the compromise accorded, slaves will receive three-fifth of enumeration i.e. tax distribution, and representation at government houses.
The major impact of the three-fifth draft was to change and shift the basis for estimating the wealth of each state, and the tax reforms were applied and introduced accordingly, i.e. real estate and population were measure of states' wealth. The North desired that such amendments in the Articles of Confederation to be introduced, such that slaves were counted one, so that South was subject to more tax deduction, however later in the constitutional convention on the reason of representation, South desired more participation.
The slave holders of the Southern states would have been major beneficiary had the slave regarded equivalent to an individual because the slave would have been definitely subjected to vote under influence and force. ...
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According to the constitution of the America that was originally drafted, a slave was equivalent to three-fifth of a person; the relation was applied for ensuring proportional representation in the House of Representatives. The South States were slave-heavy states, and wanted that each of the slave to be counted as an equivalent for one full person, whereas the North States 'ultimately abolitionist states' also named 'slave light states' did not want to apply equivalent relationship between the slaves and independents…
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