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Jerusalem History

Jerusalem has got a start some 6000 years ago and proclaimed that the Mount Moriah will connect them to their God. Villages and then a city slowly developed around the mountain.
In about 1000BC, King David conquered and made up Jerusalem as the capital for the tribes of Israel. He also brought a belief in new god and then his son, King Solomon built a great temple on the Holy Mountain. 3000 years later, the mountain is hidden under a platform made of stone 'The Temple Mount'. However the Temple was destroyed long years ago, the Jews from all over the world still gather near reminisce of the wall. The wall has got the name 'The Western Wall'. It's said that the God's presence is particularly strong there in the walls. Papers of messages to the god were packed between the stones by the believers. Jews tells that they can hear the voice of God on touching that stones. They strongly believe that the stones are standing there hearing prayers of mankind for thousands of years.
Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem is considered the third-holiest city in Islam. Directly above the western walls, stands a magnificent Islamic triumph, 'The Dome of rock' which was completed when the Muslims were vowed to reform it. ...
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The Jerusalem, named as the 'City of Peace' has a history that goes back to the 4th millennium BCE, making it one of the ancient cities in the world. Jerusalem, the holy place for Judaism, Christianity & Islam is the capital of Israel.
The old walled city, a traditionally world heritage holy place Jerusalem, has a diverse collection of architecture and people like the Armenians, Christians, Jewish, and Muslims…
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