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Research Methods in Engineering

Twitter and web globalization go hand in hand. Many companies are getting Twitter accounts. According to Yunker (2009),"ICANN[, a major company,] recently launched its own Twitter feed. And since ICANN is a global organization, it launched more than one language feed - one in English and one in Spanish."
Twitter is exploding at an astounding rate. According to Pence (2007), "Some have called the current generation of college students the Web generationThe pace of technology change continues to quicken. The effects of globalization and social networking have not yet had their full impact."
Indeed, this is a social media revolution that will not be underestimated. Pence (2007) says that "the media revolution is changing so fast that in a decade we will be dealing with college-age students as different from today's college students as current college students are different from their teachers."
Supposedly, social media networks such as Twitter build community trust in the online community. Barton et. al. (2009) "the operation of trust and inspiration in networking and teamwork [is a key] to become change agents in small groups and networks. ...
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You need to describe how you would conduct this research where the only data source available to you is a questionnaire-based survey. You need to develop a hypothesis, choose an appropriate sample, describe potential data collection methods, identify ways for analysing the data and finally highlight the limitations of your research process.
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