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Measurements Paper - Essay Example

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This paper scan annotated bibliography seeking information about how other research efforts have identified and operationally defined the variables underlying their constructs that are similar to the ones which have been identified for the present dissertation on special event firms and measurement of their service quality topic…

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Measurements Paper

Finally the paper concludes with the statement of present research's variables and describe the types of reliability and validity that is intended to be used in respect of such variables. The target object of the proposed research is to evaluate service quality performance versus customer expectations of the same.
A variable is a data that can assume one or more attributes called its values. The level of measurement refers to the relationship among the values that are assigned to the attributes for a variable. Level of measurement is important as it helps researcher to decide how to interpret the data from that variable. It also helps the researcher to decide what statistical analysis is most appropriate on the values that were assigned. ...
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