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Inside Iraq : The Untold Story

As he believes that Iraq is the most important issue in the United States today and as he observed on the news, Iraq is only portrayed through press conferences and bombings, he decided that the story of all the characters of this war should be told on a day by day basis, directly from the field. Through out our evaluation of Mike Shiley's documentary we will keep in mind the first question that we asked ourselves: Why is it important to describe today's situation in Iraq
Mike Shiley can be described as a "regular guy". He does not have any specific training of war journalism even if he admits that he always wanted to be a war correspondent. At the beginning of the movie, he gives us his reason to go to Iraq, a simple reason: see by himself what is really going on over there. He will start his journey from Amman, Jordan in a convey heading towards Baghdad where he will meet his Iraqi guide, Heider. Through Shiley's lens, we will then discover everyday life in Baghdad. The suicide bombing, the black market where you can find everything from drugs to weapons - for 25$ at the local gun market, you can buy a rocket propelled grenade launcher - and above all the state of a destroyed city and its civilians. Nevertheless, Shiley's journey doe not end in Baghdad. ...
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Why is it important to describe today's situation in Iraq This is the question that someone may ask while listing all the different documentaries, reports, articles and testimonies from the Middle East. Especially when we consider that 83 journalists have been killed since the beginning of the conflict and 2 are still missing…
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