African American Film Genre Analysis

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Broken Blossoms depicts the villain oppressing the innocent, in this case, his daughter. Her only comfort is the company of a "yellow man" who gives her moments of happiness although they are not romantically involved.


The movie was also the last of the films which carried integrationist messages. These relationships were depicted as abnormal, unacceptable and impulsive. An example is Spike Lee's Jungle Fever (1991) sets its premise upon the attraction generated by the sexual mythology of different races. The movie runs the typical storyline wherein the lovers Flipper and Angie were the heroes, and racial prejudice was the villain (Bogle 2002).Interracial relationships have been depicted in film for almost a century. These films may or may not reflect the true temper and sensibilities of the periods when they were filmed. Oftentimes, interracial relationships in films toe the line on what is socially acceptable. Otherwise, society through channels as the press and government would raise objections, protests and even civil action against the filmmakers and their actors.Interracial relationships in film are considered generally as part of the melodrama genre. Oftentimes, it depicts the battle between good and evil. There is the presence of the protagonist who is repressed by a villain. Those who are innocent are freed from repression and those that are guilty are duly given punishment
Melodrama engages in the discussion of social taboos, among which is interracial relationships. Most of the time, the lovers of different races would conform to the dictates of the period when the film was made. ...
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