Change Management Essay

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The last decade has brought with it a time of totally unprecedented changes. In every direction businesses are in turmoil, from computing to financial services, from telecommunications to health, change is an accelerating and yet there is fundamental dilemma.


For this reason managing change has now become a crucial part of competitive edge (Clarke, 2002).
Organisational change is the alternation of work environment in the organisation. It implies a new equilibrium between different components of the organization i.e. technology, structural arrangement, job design and people. Thus organisational change may have the following features.
When change occurs in any part of the organization, it disturbs the old equilibrium necessitating the development of a new equilibrium depends on the degree of change and its impact on the organization.
Newstrom and Davis (1997) have explained the impact of a change in any part of the organization of the total organization. They have illustrated it by comparing an organization to an air filled balloon. They have concluded that the whole organisation tends to be affected by the change in any part of it.
It is also important that the change is conceptualised and managed holistically. Increasingly, therefore, organisations need to take a proactive and holistic approach to change. The systems view of management suggests that all the parts of an organisation must be viewed as a system in which all the parts are inter-dependent; in other words, every change will affect another aspect of the organisation, which itself will need to be changed. ...
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