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Diet and Nutrition

This essay focuses on the role of health policies in Australia and how they are going about working towards achieving a healthier way of life for the community and what measures have been taken with regard to this particular health issue.
What are the changes brought about in the general attitudes of the people Is the impact positive, negative or neutral What more can be done to make the system more efficient and universal These are a few questions this essay attempts to answer.
The faced pace of life coupled with a sedentary lifestyle has brought along with it a myriad of diseases and health problems which were unknown to humankind a till a century ago. On one hand medical science has emerged victorious in fighting the battle against plague, small pox and to an extent polio as well but on the other hand humankind today has become more susceptible to diseases like diabetes, hypertension, obesity strokes, cancers and AIDS. The prevalence of these ailments is more in developed nations, which is a major cause of concern as they greatly affect a nations health care budget.
It is of common knowledge that most of these diseases stem from poor dietary habits, lack of physical exercise although they are confounded by various other hereditary and psycho- social factors. ...
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The essay is based on diet and nutrition related diseases that are a cause of major concern in today's world. Although the essay highlights the problems associated with unbalanced and improper diet, elaborate description of each disease is not within the scope of this essay…
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