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Article example - Policy in Lundy Marine Nature Reserve Yields Positive Results

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The No Take Zone Policy (NTZ) in Lundy Marine Nature Reserve is yielding positive results according to the monitoring program's lead scientist, Dr Miles Hoskin. After 18 months of NTZ, bigger and more abundant lobster population as compared to control areas outside of the zone was reported.

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It is administered by the Torridge district of the county of Devon. It has a total area of 4.24 km2 and has a resident population of 18 people located at the south of the island. The island was leased by the National Trust to the Landmark Trust. It was named as the 10th greatest natural wonder in Britain by the 2005 opinion poll of Radio Times (wikipedia, 2006).
Due to the development of the aqualung, Lundy's incredibly diverse marine plants and animals were discovered. The array includes rare and unusual species such as the solitary cup corals, sea fans and sponges. An explanation offered for the diversity is the variety of underwater habitats in its seabed. The variety in shelter coupled with the also varied water current conditions present in the area gave opportunities for a wider variety of species that can inhabit the waters of the island. (Lundy Org, 2006)
This discovery served as the stimulant for legislation aimed at protecting the area. It started with a 1971 proposal by the Lundy Field Society to establish a marine reserve and finalized with the 1986 announcement of the then Secretary of State for the Environment designating Lundy as a statutory reserve. Lundy is England's only statutory Marine Nature Reserve.
The reserve is managed in partnership by English Nature, the Environment Agency, Devon Sea Fisheries Committee (DSFC), the National Trust and ...
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