Human Resources Management in Agricultural Industry

Research Proposal
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Anyone looking for a financially secure and prosperous life, in all stages of life, must look for a good career opportunity. Work environment should provide a good relationship between employer and employee. The employer in his part should understand the employee and his psychology.


Actually this name was there in the last century itself. It is used to serve the interest of the employee and the employer. It has become very effective in recent years and both public and private organizations have benefited significantly, to attain greater benefits for the establishment in future. (Massy, 1996).
In recent years, increased competition among organizations in different spheres, has led to improvement in the performance of staff and increase in productivity. Career opportunities have also increased considerably. Organizations are doing their best for training staff to increase their performance and productivity. In addition, they have plans to develop a strategy to increase revenues and reduce costs. This task has become the responsibility of the Human Resources Management Division, which has become the pillar of every organization. (Becker& Gerhard, 1996).
In this study, I go across to a study of human resources management in a large agricultural company in Saudi Arabia to determine how the application of some strategies of human resources helped to boost performance, increase productivity and reduce expenses.
The title of this research is "Training Program in Almarai Agricultural Company." In this paper I will explain the method of training of this company so that the employee makes effort to increase performance and productivity.
The Department of Human Resources Management is n ...
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