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Case Study example - British Airways strategic management

Case Study
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Sadler, P. and Craig, J.C. (2003,p9) states the strategy is highly complex concept and includes various notions like purpose or mission, policies, objectives or goals of the company, SWOT analysis, planning, scheduling, implementation, sustainable competitive advantage which is supported through the definition of David R.F (2006, p5) stating strategic management as an art and science of formulating, implementing and evaluating cross functional decisions enabling the organization to achieve its objectives…

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and Stahl, M.J. (1997, p. 2) that managers of organizations need to anticipate and adapt to change by keeping in touch with the external environment of the organization. The present chapter is focused on British Airways which is one of the world's favourite airlines as it carries more international passengers to more destinations than any other air carriers (Haberberg, A and Rieple, A, 2008:458). Since its establishment in the year 1919, the British Airways has come a long way to be one of the reputed airlines in the world and continuously returning profits at the end of financial years, which most of its competitors are unable to do so. The secret for the success of British airways is attributed to its strategic management decisions (Cole, G.A., 2003:191) and hence the present research is undertaken to study the process of planning, development and implementation of management strategies in order to know the actual success factors like management, human resource, finance, marketing and communication.
The British Airways' forerunner company Aircraft Transport and Travel Limited (AT&T) launched the world's first daily international scheduled air service between London and Paris, way back on ...
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