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on History of Phychology

Thus hailed the father of experimental psychology.
Wundt's major interests lied in discovering the components of consciousness, how these components interacted to form an experience and elaborating the resultant experience in observable terms. Such pursuits led him to conclude that consciousness was not simply a static state of mind composed of several elements, but a functional component causing much activity of the mind. This he referred to as the principle of actuality and asserted, was the core matter to understanding psychology (3).
Wundt's protocol was experimental and defined psychological experiences through physiological reactions. He endorsed the idea of psychophysical parallelism that every physical event was produced as a result of mental activity and in turn every mental could be expressed by physical response produced. And so it was possible to import experiments of the natural sciences for measuring the function of consciousness. He therefore, introduced his very popular method of experimental introspection or self observation (4, 6).
However it was possible to observe and measure elemental interactions of consciousness through physiological approaches, it could by no means describe consciousness. ...
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This paper reviews many different aspects of the history of psychology. It reviews introspection and its use in Wundt's studies and its inappropriate linkage with structuralism. Evolutionary theory and its relationship to comparative psychology. It also compares Freud and his theories with those of Wundt and James…
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