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Media and Developing Babies

Following the contemporary view, it is implied that the media may not always have an effect on audiences.
Different studies have been conducted about the effects of television viewing in the cognitive, attitudinal, and behavioral aspects of audiences. These studies examine, for instance, whether violent television content can lead to aggression in audiences. What these studies aim to achieve is the correlation and causation between media content and audiences. While there are many studies documenting the effects of television viewing in adult audiences, there are few studies that also consider the cognitive and behavioral effects of television viewing in infant audiences.
This paper argues that television viewing doesn’t have measurable and quantifiable effects on the cognitive, attitudinal, and behavioral aspects of infant audiences. This paper aims to show that infant-oriented television shows can be viewed safely by children under two years of age without worrying about the ‘effects’ it can have on the infant brain. The discussion will begin with an examination of the infant’s brain and how cognitive and language skills, specifically, are developed. An analysis of literature about the effects of television viewing in infants will follow.
Paterson, Heim, Friedman, Choudhury, and Benasich (2006) listed four domains that show the development of an infant’s brain structure and the accompanying change in cognition and behavior. The four domains include rapid auditory processing (language), face processing, object permanence, and joint attention (Paterson et al., 2006).
This domain, which is very important in language functioning (Paterson et al., 2006), refers to how well infants receive auditory cues such as environmental sound, recorded music, or a mother’s voice. The area in the brain where this domain rests can be found in the thalamus, caudate, frontal areas, ...
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We live in a media-saturated environment – from the time we wake up and read morning newspapers to the moment we step out of our house and get welcomed by huge billboards, and up until night time when we watch our favorite primetime shows on television. Amidst this…
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